Classes are rotated in and out each camp season by week. Be sure to check back for any changes before the 2018 Season begins!


Creative Campers- Wind chimes, homemade paints, bubble painting, shadow drawing, string art, Superhero bracelets, homemade floam, and so much more! Creative Campers will be using their imaginations to create some wonderful and exciting crafts this summer. If you get excited about crafting, painting, or creating, this is the class for you!

Chefs-in-training- Do you aspire to be on Chopped!, The Food Network Stars, or Iron Chef? Then you need to start somewhere! Campers who choose Chefs-in-training may learn things such as basic knife skills, cake decorating, how to choose the best ingredients, and more! Come join us this summer and get started on your future in cooking!

Karate- one of the Japanese martial arts, is one of the most practiced forms of martial arts in the world. Campers who choose karate will learn the basic stances, strikes and self-defense moves required to eventually become a black belt. Sparring will not take place during the camp. If you’ve ever been interested in martial arts, then this is the class for you!

New Aged Campers (STEM)- Building weather vanes! Learning simple coding! Constructing weight-bearing structures while competing against your friends! If these things sound like fun, then you’re going to LOVE New Aged Campers! Campers choosing this class will use a variety of materials to work on projects ranging from building their own musical instruments to determining wind speed and building bridges! Welcome to the future!

 Wacky Olympics- The 2017 Akalaka Wacky Olympics are coming up fast and there’s still to time to qualify! Can you set the world record in pool noodle javelin? Maybe beat your personal record in in backwards kangaroo hopping races? Be on the championship Monster Ball soccer team? You can’t be top in any sport unless you compete! Come join the 2017 Akalaka Wacky Olympics and see what records you can set!

Animal Explorers-  Can you tell the difference between deer tracks and moose tracks, or identify a bird just by the tracks it leaves behind? Do you love to fish? Does spending time in the great outdoors learning about animals excite you? Then this is the class for you! Campers will learn about local fauna and engage in the relaxing and challenging sport of fishing.

Future Archaeologists- “Learn from the past if you want to predict the future.” –Confucius. Develop an understanding about how remnants from the past were preserved, how to treat those items to keep them safe for the future, and how items are affected by the preservation process. Cast, mold, and excavate! If this excites you, you are going to love the Future Archaeologists class!

 Small Engines- How do engines run? What’s the difference between standard and metric wrenches? How do I fix a small engine? If you are interested in disassembling and reassembling engines, this class is for you! Campers in Small Engines will learn about the tools necessary for engine mechanics, engine assembly, and engine maintenance. Come join us in Small Engines! 

 Woodworking- The smell of cedar, the strength of oak and the pliability of pine: are you fascinated by wood and the things you can build with it? If so, Woodworking is the class for you! Campers will learn how to use woodworking tools, and will build a variety of items.

Archery- A camp Classic! Learn the parts of a bow while learning to hit a bull’s eye! Campers will receive the best of the best in 4H shooting sports and will also have the opportunity to play fun and exciting archery games and engage in friendly competition! (For ages 8 and up)

Adirondack Survival-What happens when you get lost in the Adirondacks, aka-your back yard? Will you be able to survive? In this class campers will learn basic survival techniques along with plant identification. Campers will even have the opportunity to hike the nearby Pinnacle and make their own “survival” lunch.

Techno Treasure Hunters- What’s better than a treasure map? A GPS locator attached to treasure that’s what! Campers will use handheld GPS units to scout out treasure and fun finds all while learning how to use coordinates and cardinal directions! This is another Camp Akalaka Classic.

 Clowning Around- Enjoy learning about the FUNdamentals of clowning! Make balloon animals, learn magic tricks, and develop a “clown persona” red nose, costumes, face paint and all!

Gymnastics- Want to test your balance on a gymnastics beam or learn to do a perfect cartwheel? Dip steps, twirls, leaps and tumbles is what this class is made of. Get a chance to create a beam or floor routine with fellow campers! Learn gymnastics terms and competition etiquette as well!

Our Wild Garden- Explore the wild foods found growing all around you in this hands-on, out in the fields program. Discover how many “weeds” were brought here by early settlers as important foods. Yes, you will get a chance to prepare and sample a variety of treats from the wild. 


Campers will have the opportunity to chose from one class that is available each week.