2019 Classes are here!!! Check ’em out!!

Chefs-in-training- Do you aspire to be on Chopped!, The Food Network Stars, or Iron Chef? Then you need to start somewhere! Campers who choose Chefs-in-training may learn things such as basic knife skills, recipe creation, how to choose the best ingredients, and more! Come join us this summer and get started on your future in cooking! Offered weeks 1,7,9

New Aged Campers – Building rockets, using GPS to find hidden treasures and constructing weight-bearing structures while competing against your friends! If these things sound like fun, then you’re going to LOVE New Aged Campers! Campers choosing this class will use a variety of materials to work on fun interactive projects. Welcome to the future! Offered weeks 3,8

Future Archaeologists- “Learn from the past if you want to predict the future.” –Confucius. Develop an understanding about how remnants from the past were preserved, how to treat those items to keep them safe for the future, and how items are affected by the preservation process. Cast, mold, and excavate! If this excites you, you are going to love the Future Archaeologists class! Offered weeks 5,7,9

 Small Engines- How do engines run? What’s the difference between standard and metric wrenches? How do I fix a small engine? If you are interested in disassembling and reassembling engines, this class is for you! Campers in Small Engines will learn about the tools necessary for engine mechanics, engine assembly, and engine maintenance. Come join us in Small Engines! Offered week 3

 Woodworking- The smell of cedar, the strength of oak and the pliability of pine: are you fascinated by wood and the things you can build with it? If so, Woodworking is the class for you! Campers will learn how to use woodworking tools, and will build a variety of items. Offered weeks 2, 4, 9

Marksmanship (Archery)- A camp Classic, with an upgrade! Learn the parts of a bow while learning to hit a bull’s eye! Campers will receive the best of the best in 4H shooting sports and will also have the opportunity to play fun and exciting archery games and engage in friendly competition! (For ages 8 and up). Offered weeks 2,6, 8

 Clowning Around- Enjoy learning about the FUNdamentals of clowning! Make balloon animals, learn magic tricks, and develop a “clown persona” red nose, costumes, face paint and all! Offered weeks 7&9

Our Wild Garden- Explore the wild foods found growing all around you in this hands-on, out in the fields program. Discover how many “weeds” were brought here by early settlers as important foods. Yes, you will get a chance to prepare and sample a variety of treats from the wild. Offered week 3

Strummin’ & Drummin’- Have you ever wanted to learn how to play ukulele? What about the drums? If so, then you should join this fun introductory music class! Learn some of the basics of ukulele and drum. Offered weeks 3 & 6

Painting 101- Broad brushstrokes and tiny little dots. Stencils, sponges, and paint in small pots. Landscapes, and still life. Animals and more. Register for Painting 101 to see what we have in store! Offered weeks 1&7

Future Storytellers- “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” –Anne Frank. Writing allows the author to bear the soul, to open one’s mind, to allow the light to shine on the darkness. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of creative writing. Offered week 8

Racquet Ruckus- Learn challenging and fun sports right at Malone’s very own Rec Park! Learn how to serve, volley, and return! Prepare for a fun game of tennis, pickle ball and handball. Learn how to use your forehand and backhand moves and learn how to keep score. These games will keep you on your toes! Offered week 7

Claws, Paws & Fun- Who doesn’t love furry, friendly critters? Campers will learn to be responsible pet owners in this unique live animal science class. Mammals, amphibians, and reptiles……..Oh My. Household pets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Kiddos will enjoy learning about a different household “pet” each day as they get a close look into their habitat, characteristics, and care. Offered weeks 1, 6, 8

NEW  Wilderness Excursions- Do you love to explore nature, build fires, or study local animals? Wilderness Excursions takes you into your backyard to learn how to survive in the amazing Adirondack State Park. Once survival is mastered, you will spend time tracking animals and visiting local water bodies to capture river monsters! Join us for a week of exploration and introduction to our wonderful, local, nature. Offered weeks 5 & 6

NEW Udderly Cool- Learn the ins and outs of a dairy cow and how to successfully take care of these beautiful creatures. You will get hands on time with adult cows and calves, including feeding, cleaning, leading, and milking! The week will end with making some of our favorite dairy products like ice cream, butter, and cheese! Offered weeks 1 & 3

NEW Hooves, Beaks & Play- Campers will get an introduction to animals that are commonly raised on farms in our community, including breeds, how they are raised, and what they are used for. Spend time playing and learning with animals such as goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and more! Offered weeks 2,4,5

NEW Sports Camp- Basketball, soccer, kickball, and more! This class is for the energetic and athlete loving camper. We’ll have you movin’ and groovin’ all week. Bring your competitive side for some good, old-fashioned fun! Offered weeks 2 & 5

NEW Camper Summertime Investigators- Crime at summer camp?! Staged crime of course! Campers will spend their days looking for clues, bagging and tagging evidence, and dusting for prints to solve a mystery! Learn how to be an efficient summer camp investigator while working with fellow campers to solve a crime! Offered weeks 4, 5 &8 

NEW Icing Artists- Learn to pipe, glaze and design edible artwork! Campers will bake their own goodies and work together to make different frostings and yummy decorations from scratch! Become a “cake boss” with this fun new class! Offered weeks 4 & 6

NEW Traditional Campers- Ever wonder what campers did in the old days? This class will teach you just that! Make boondoggle, make snacks and products without using electricity, maybe sew and craft some textiles or make your own candles! Hands on homesteading is what this is all about! Offered weeks 2 & 9

NEW Advanced Marksmanship- Learn the safety, responsibility and history of shooting sports. Campers will receive the best of the best in 4H curriculum. Campers will also have the opportunity to play fun and exciting marksman games in a higher paced environment targeted towards experienced archers! (For ages 10+) Offered weeks 1 & 4